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AUS Open Wow [Jan. 21st, 2014|10:55 pm]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
I've seen some lovely matches the last three days -- reinvigorated Federer shutting down Tsonga, Ivanovic tearing up Serena, Wawrinka finally surviving five sets with Djokovic -- but nothing I've ever seen before was like the spectacular defensive pyrotechnics of Aga Radwanska picking Azarenka's pocket.  Brava Aga!!  With just two inexperienced semifinalists and the occasionally flaky Li Na remaining around her, I think Radwanska should claim her first Grand Slam title here.   And I'm looking forward to Federer vs. Murray tonight.  The way Fed
is playing this fortnight, there is now a real possibility of a first ever all Swiss men's final.
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Austin Powers' Fat Bastard had nothing on this guy [Jan. 10th, 2014|03:49 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
There are liars, and there are damned liars, and then there are people who work(ed?) for Chris Christie.

Here's da boss reading his aides the riot act:


"The price you pay for failing to lie convincingly on my behalf, I collect your fucking head... just like this fucker here."

Okay, he did manage to lose a lot of weight for this scene.  Apologies for the fuzzy video quality, that was not my work, I just linked the shortest file of this scene that I found.

Ironically, this speech seems to work just as well as an analog for Chris Cree.
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Legislative Fraud [Nov. 18th, 2013|03:40 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
This NYT Op-Ed "Voter Suppression’s New Pretext," by UC-Irvine law and poli-sci professor Richard Hasen prompts my observation:

the most obvious truth of government of the people, by the people, for the people is that it cannot work properly unless the voters are protected from the legislature and the political parties long before the legislature and political parties are protected from the voters.
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"Schumer Endorses Clinton for President in Iowa Speech" [Nov. 3rd, 2013|07:12 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
NYTimes article:   http://tinyurl.com/kz6dyoz

Someone please explain to me, not why Chuck Schumer has already endorsed Hillary Clinton for prez a year and a half before anyone's campaign starts, but why in heck *he* was talking to Iowans?  And if his opinion is so valuable, why doesn't he run for prez?  Is he hoping to be her veep choice?  And the Dem Party elders ought to sit down and shut up before they give the White House back to the Reps.  Is it really possible there is not now or not soon to be a better Dem candidate than Hillary?  She's the last person I want to vote for, and the first one Rep voters will turn out against.  I would honestly be surprised if she could beat Rand Paul in a general election, because nothing embarrasses Rep. candidates or their voters.  Near 60 million "Americans" turned out for McCain, regardless of the deficiencies of both him *and* Palin; and near 61 million for Romney.

There's plenty of solid Dems on the national stage already: Schumer, Sherrod Brown, Cuomo, Liz Warren, Stabenow, Klobuchar, Franken, Bernie Sanders, Gillibrand, McCaskill (way too centrist for my taste but that could make her electable, same goes for Jon Tester), Govs. O'Malley (MD), Patrick (MA) (has name recognition but probably not strong enough record or polling), Hickenlooper (CO), Rep. Jan Schakowsky.  Some of these people have to take a step forward.  Hillary can't be unopposed, that would be bad for the party and the nation.
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The Guvmint Shutdown Killed Tom Clancy! [Oct. 3rd, 2013|09:19 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
He died when his heart attacked him in a rage of jealousy because he could not write anything as preposterously contrived as the real shutdown of the US government.
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"~~~I'm a jumblerack and I'm not OK~~~" ["Dexter" finale spoiler] [Sep. 24th, 2013|08:49 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
The end of "Dexter" just had me saying, in my most indignant Seth Meyers voice, "Really?!  REALLY?!?!?"

So many things wrong with the final episode, it's hard to decide where to begin.

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You can not be serious, A-Twad [Aug. 6th, 2013|07:06 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
This AP photo of Alex Rodriguez is why he should not be employed as a professional athlete.  He is already inside a stadium, yet he cannot be bothered to walk or jog, and carry his bag, for a minute or two, to get from point A to point B.  It's a perfect example of just how committed he is to his vocation.
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"Czech Premier to Resign Amid Scandal" [Jun. 20th, 2013|01:54 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
From the NYTimes article here: http://tinyurl.com/kb3h4qf ...

the last two paragraphs are preciously ironic, in light of U.S. spying troubles:

"Miroslav Mares, a security expert at Masaryk University in Brno, said the latest scandal threatened to erode the confidence that important allies, including the United States, have in the Czechs.

“The affair will certainly raise question marks about the trustworthiness of our military intelligence,” Mr. Mares said, “since the intelligence department may have been used for personal reasons that seem to belong in gossip columns.”"

I just hope the replacement PM is not one of them damn moderate clerical Muslims, they seem to be everywhere.

Also worthy of note is the photo accompanying the article.  Just what kind of a country is this where a Prime Minister wearing a suit and tie can be surrounded at a press conference by guys wearing casual shirts, open collar, no tie?

And finally, what effect might this news have on the upcoming Scrabble "not-World Championship" scheduled for Prague in December?

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French Open curious [Jun. 7th, 2013|11:59 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
Am I the only one who thought they were going to see a whole match today between Nadal and Djokovic on NBC and got only the last hour?  Were my tv listings inaccurate, or was the actual coverage screwed up?  Was the rest of the match on NBC earlier than 11am Eastern?  Or was it on some other carrier from its live start?
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Teflon prez? Really? You sure? [Jun. 7th, 2013|09:24 am]
GIJoel's Rowdy Rants
With new "revelations" about Obama administration every day, eventually, at least one of these situations is going to be tied to a knowing and deliberate Chief Executive.  But make no mistake about it, he's no less or more guilty than any prior Chief.  And when he does get impeached, and IMO it's nearly certain by now that he will not finish his second term, he won't be taken down for his own transgressions, but for Nancy Pelosi's failure to do the same to Bush and Cheney.  If she had acted on her Constitutional responsibility, Obama would have been taught/prepared to be far more vigilant from his day one against employing policies and programs that give an impression of overreach, illegality or unConstitutionality, and particularly of continuing ones that were employed by Dubya.

Congratulations, Mr. Obama, for proving that a smart young black pothead can do that job just as poorly as a dumb old white coke-snorting alkie.  You could and should have been so much more; all you had to do was follow through on your campaign rhetoric, instead of walking away, with no compelling reason, from *so* *many* aspects of it.
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